Many horse owners choose not to own their own horse trailer. Horse trailers are expensive and may not get used very often. The thought might have occurred to you, where can I find a horse trailer rental for horses?

New horse trailers are like cars or boats and can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are companies that allow you to rent horse trailers.

Things To Consider For Horse Trailer Rental

  • You will need a vehicle capable of towing the weight. Horses included!
  • You need to know how long you will need the trailer
  • You need to know what size trailer
  • You need to consider insurance. Most reputable companies should be able to help this.
  • You need a valid driver’s license and may need to be at least 25 years of age

What You Need to Know About Horse Trailer Rental

Rental costs can range from $75 to $100 per day for a two-horse trailer, and from $150 to $180 per day for a three-horse, living-quarters trailer depending upon state.

Before you leave the rental-company office, check the rental-agreement packet. Make sure there’s an insurance card with that specific trailer’s vehicle identification number (VIN). Also, make sure that specific VIN is listed on the rental contract, as well as insurance details. Finally, make sure the license number on the registration matches the trailer’s license plate.

Check with the rental company ahead of time to see whether it’ll rent trailers during an emergency, in case you need to evacuate your horse in a hurry.

Where To Rent A Horse Trailer?

When renting a horse trailer, your best bet for finding a place is by using the internet. You can always check your local horse trailer company to see if they have a program for renting trailers. 

Horse and Travel has a search finder that lets you look at companies that rent horse trailers in every state. The site is a little dated looking but the information is good. Finding the closest option to you is often your best bet.

You also often find local horse trailer rentals using Google and Facebook. Be sure to check out the company reviews as well.

horse trailer rental

Here some other companies we found:


Kwipped allows you to rent, lease or buy horse trailers. They have a nice selection of all different kinds. You will fill out a form to get a quote. The website is setup well and they have a FAQ section to help answer common questions.

Rental Yard

Rental Yard, which allows people to rent a variety of products including horse trailers for rent. You can simply enter what you are looking for to find the horse trailer you need and to see what’s available around your location.

Coast To Coast Truck & Trailer Sales Inc.

 Coast to Coast Truck & Trailer Sales Inc. also allows you to search for your desired trailer and contact them from there. They are located in Florida.

Alternantives To Horse Trailer Rental

Another alternative to owning your own trailer is using a horse transportation company. These companies can often take your horses long distances if need be, saving you the stress and hassle of a grueling trip.

Creech Horse Transporation

Creech Horse Transportation, Inc is a large company that has many services from local to nationwide.

Equine Express

Equine Express, offer transportation services where they will drive your horse in a trailer to wherever you may need. They provide local, nationwide, and even flying transportation.

Elite Horse Transport

Elite Horse Transport runs all across the US and up to Canada.

These types of services are most commonly used for transporting horses to horse shows that are far away. However, they can be used for transporting horses that have sold or for whatever needs you may have. They can even be used for local hauling.


Renting a horse trailer has many benefits. It can save you time, money, and even hassles if you rent a trailer. You can rent a horse trailer for shows, trail riding or whatever your needs may be. Also using a company to haul for you or finding someone in the neighborhood can save you hassle and stress if you do not own a tow vehicle or just aren’t comfortable hauling.

You can also ask around your community or stop in a tack shop and ask around. Often there are locals who provide services for very reasonable prices.

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