Horse breeds fall into four categories: Coldbloods, hotbloods, warmbloods, and ponies.


Coldbloods were bred for strength and are large, bulky, draft horses such as the Clydesdale, Shire, and Belgian. They are known as gentle giants are usually very docile. They are used on the trail and in the ring some these days.


The Arabians, Thoroughbred, and some horses of oriental origin. These horses are high energy. Also known as “hot”.

“Hot” bloods are often high -spirited, bold, and quick learners. They are bred mainly for speed and agility. Today the “hot” blooded horses are mainly used in racing throughout the world. However, many of these lighter breed horses can be found in the show ring and the trails as well. If you are looking for a spirited horse with a lot of speed, look no further than the “hot” blooded breeds.


These horses are a cross between a hotblood and a coldblood, resulting in a very athletic horse. They are often used for dressage, jumping, and eventing, and other sports. European breeders have warmblood registries that represent and a particular lineage such as Holsteiner, Oldenburg, Hanoverian, Trakehner, Dutch Warmblood, and Swedish Warmblood.


Ponies are defined as being under 14.2 hands (58 inches/147 cm). Many pony breeds have developed in the wild and they have become extremely hardy. Ponies are often mistaken for foals because of their small stature. Ponies often make a great intro into riding for kids.