If you are looking to work full-time in the horse industry or just looking for some side hustle ideas then here is a list for you. Many riders find part-time summer jobs to help pay for their horse expenses. You can make extra cash while still spending all of your time around horses. Not to mention meeting some other “horse people” along the way.

Braiding at events – Instead of heading back to your hotel after you finish braiding your own horse, braid other people’s mounts in exchange for cash. You can charge anywhere from $20 to $50 for a braid job, depending on how well you braid. You can also attend local hunter/jumper and dressage shows on weekends to braid there.

Taking pictures and videos for other riders

If you have a decent quality camera and/or video camera you can start up a mini photographer/videographer business. You can hang up flyers around the event advertising that you are taking pictures and spread the word via social media by posting on Facebook pages.

Working for events

There is a huge amount of work behind every event and horse show that takes place. If you live near an event or another type of horse competition, stop by and ask if they need help. Many events will be happy to pay you a respectable wage if you are willing to work hard and help out.

Working at barns

Barns are often looking for help. Hang up some flyers at your local tack and feed stores to advertise that you are looking for work. You can get a great workout, earn money and still be around horses. Sounds like a horse person’s dream job to me. If you board your horse somewhere you can ask to help out. Chances are they would love the help and either they could pay you or perhaps give you a break on boarding costs.

We have boarders at our farm who really help take care of the barn and in exchange keep their horses here for free!


Spread the word that you are available to look after barns this summer. Many riders have to leave their barns for various reasons during the summer, such as travelling to shows, attending weddings, taking a vacation, etc. It is hard to find a responsible and horse savvy individual to look after one’s barn. Be that person people can rely on and you can earn some money holding down the fort for fellow riders.

Clean Tack

This is simple and requires only a few supplies to get started. Make sure you use quality cleaner and conditioner so your client’s leather goods are returned in beautiful condition. Post an ad at your barn, tack store, or Facebook. You’d be amazed by how many people would prefer to have someone else do this mundane task for them.

Mow pastures and/or yards

This is a great side hustle because you can do it whenever you have spare time. Keep pastures and large yards mowed and cleaned up for people and you can charge a fair price for your services.

Become a groom at Horse Shows

If you have a flexible schedule, or maybe even the summer off as a teacher, you could become a groom during horse show season. A good groom is hard to find, but you can make extra cash AND hang around with horses all day. Word travels fast so if you get a good reputation this could really pick up for you.

Become an exercise rider

If you are at a big barn or have a race track nearby it is possible to exercise horses in exchange for cash. Make sure you are doing well by the horse and many people will ask you to ride for them. You can approach trainers at your barn, post a listing at the local tack/feed store, ask horse owners at your barn, or go inquire at your local racetrack to see if you can pick up some rides.

Give riding lessons

Depending on your riding level, and teaching ability, you could give lessons to children or adults. There are always people wanting riding lessons and it’s an easy way to make some extra cash when you are already at the barn. Word gets around fast so this could really pick up for you.

Babysit kids at a barn

There are often moms who love riding but do not get the chance because of young children. Tell these busy moms that you are available to watch their kids so they can have some one on one time with their horse. You can also watch the brothers or sisters if mom wants to focus on one child who happens to be taking a lesson.

Start a YouTube channel

A lot of people are starting channels these days and you’d be surprised how it can really take off. This is a great way to earn passive income over time and to share your knowledge and passion for horses. You could give instruction, talk about horses and tips and tricks, DIY barn projects, etc.

If you already have a channel or a website you can read this to find out more ways to make passive income in the horse niche.

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