Getting the right saddle for your horse is a daunting task, even when you go shopping for one in person.

There are so many factors to think about that it may seem inconceivable that you’d find a great saddle online. However, more and more horse lovers find that online shopping is the right way to go for a saddle for their high-withered horse.

It is also possible to find a great saddle for this difficult fit without breaking the bank. Read on to learn more about the best saddle for high-withered horses.

Acerugs Western Saddle with Silver and Crystals

If you’re looking for a saddle with a little more sparkle than the traditional leather saddles, you may want to check out this Acerugs saddle with silver and crystals.

It’s a visually striking take on the typical browns and blacks that you see on the market. This saddle comes in a variety of colors with silver and crystal accents trimming the skirting and tack.

Customers with high-withered horses may find the 6.5” SQHB gullet a viable option, although you may be able to work with the standard 7” gullet with full bars. You’ll have to make some adjustments with padding, but it works for many horses with high withers.

The lightweight synthetic saddle has a padded seat and includes a free tack set, which is always a bonus. It’s probably not as rugged as other saddles on the market, but it is an excellent option if you only use it for pleasure riding on the weekends.


  • Different color options
  • Budget-friendly
  • Free tack accessories


  • Saddle pad prone to slipping
  • Can’t use for long hours or as an everyday saddle

Acerugs All-Purpose Leather English Saddle

Who says you can’t find a good English saddle option online? This all-purpose black leather English saddle by Acerugs is an excellent choice for those starting out in the equine world.

This saddle’s soft knee rolls, medium padded seat, and padded flaps help riders develop a balanced and secure seat; the slightly forward flaps and lower pommel help riders when doing jumps.

The gullet is an average-sized 6” with a medium tree. But for most horses, even those with high withers, the fit is okay.

Keep in mind, though, that this saddle does not come with tack like the bridle, girth cinch, saddle pad, or bit; you’ll have to buy all those extras separately. However, if you already have some you like, this may be a good option because you won’t waste money on tack you won’t use.

Also, remember that this is a dyed leather seat. Like many other leather products that go through a dye process, the ink may rub off the first few times you use the saddle. Oiling and cleaning the leather before you use it can help clean off excess dye.


  • Comes with nice stirrups
  • Responsive customer service
  • Nice clearance for withers


  • Excess dye may rub off
  • Break-in period required

EquiRoyal Pro Am All-Purpose Saddle

The EquiRoyal Pro Am may be a good fit for you if you’re a casual rider or looking for an interim saddle. The price is on the lower end, so it won’t put too much of a dent in your bank account.

This saddle gives your horse more shoulder movement freedom with flexible points on the tree. It’s also designed with the rider in mind with moveable knee blocks, quick-molding stuffed panels, and a deep seat for maximum comfort.

One of the most significant selling points of this EquiRoyal saddle is its lifetime guarantee for its flexible fiber saddle tree. The saddle is synthetic, so it never needs oiling or breaking in, and it’s also easy to keep clean.

The package itself comes with extras like stirrup leathers and irons, laced rein snaffle bridle, and elastic end girth. But you’re probably going to want to provide your own saddle pad because the one included is on the thin side.

If your horse is a little thick in the whithers, just remember to grab a wide size or “W” when ordering


  • Inexpensive
  • Lifetime guarantee for the saddle tree
  • Easy maintenance


  • Can’t withstand wear and tear of constant use
  • Low-quality metal on bridal and girth pieces
  • Need to use a different saddle pad

Wintec 2000 HART High Wither AP Saddle

Fitting standard-sized saddles onto high-withered horses is a fact of life for many riders. However, if you’re tired of returning saddles that don’t fit your horse’s withers, you may want to check this option out.

The Wintec 2000 HART is a revolutionary saddle designed explicitly for high-withered horses. This option is excellent for training or leisure riding while still helping you keep in close contact with your horse. The soft panels mold in and around your horse’s muscles and hug their unique structure for better movement.

Wintec 2000 HART saddles also feature the CAIR Cushion System. Unlike traditional fillings in your saddle panel, the CAIR system uses air as the ultimate cushioning for your horse. Air panels help distribute your weight evenly across the length of the saddle and reduce pressure points.

This saddle works well with the Wintec’s Easy-Change Gullet System and Easy-Change Riser System. However, you need to buy both separately.


  • Explicitly designed for high-withered horses
  • Minimalist design
  • CAIR Cushion System


  • Higher price point
  • All other tack and accessories sold separately

Cashel G2 Soft Saddle

Sometimes you just need a basic everyday saddle without the extra bling and shine that show saddles provide. And that’s what Cashel gives you with the G2 Soft Saddle.

This little black saddle is great for riding trails or everyday exercising. It’s ultra-lightweight, weighing only 6 lbs., with a treeless soft saddle and an expanding gullet area.

As with many soft saddles, this one molds to your horse and allows you to feel more of their movements. It’s more of a bareback experience, though, so if you prefer a more traditional ride, then this one may not be the one for you.

Another great feature of the G2 is its adjustment capacity. You can take the saddle apart into three main pieces – the seat, stirrup chassis, and base – then reposition everything the way you prefer and use the velcro and buckles to put it back together again.

Wither-wise, it gives good spine clearance for many high-withered horses despite it lacking the tree structure.

However, all horses are different, so you may have to check it out yourself. If you absolutely want this saddle to work, the worst-case scenario is that you can always cut a wider channel to accommodate the spine.

If you decide to give this soft saddle a go, remember to buy a breast collar and replace the stirrups with sturdier ones.


  • Easy adjustment points
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Low price point


  • Cheap stirrups
  • Tends to slip without pad

Final Verdict

There’s no such thing as one saddle that’s best for high-withered horses. Each horse is different, and various factors come into play for the perfect fit for both rider and horse.

If you want a great saddle at a low price point, the Cashel G2 Soft Saddle is a great one to try. Not only is it relatively inexpensive, but it’s also very adjustable to fit your horse just right.

However, if you’d prefer a saddle tree near the same price point, you may want to check out Acerugs’ Western Saddle with Silver and Crystals. The lightweight, synthetic saddle has a clearance that works for many high-withered horses.

As with most saddles, you won’t know until you try it, so make sure you understand the seller’s return policy before pressing that “Buy” button.