A good pair of riding gloves can make your outfit more attractive. Besides the added elegance, these gloves add a layer of protection against blisters and harsh conditions caused by the reins and perhaps the weather. They also provide a better grip.

The best horse riding gloves would be a pair that improves the whole riding experience. But how do you find the right pair in the first place? Start by check out these top riding gloves fit for any horse enthusiasts.

Best Horse Riding Gloves Reviews

Heritage Performance Glove

The Heritage Performance gloves are among the most popular for the Heritage rein cut design. What’s so great about it? The patented feature can help with the grip tremendously.

The gloves are made of a combination of synthetic leather, PVC, and nylon spandex. The added Spandura makes the gloves stretchable and more comfortable regardless of how far you’re going. Another impressive quality of these gloves is the durability. They hold up well even after months of daily use.

The Heritage Performance gloves are equipped with Velcro around the wrist, so riders can adjust them to fit their hands. Machine washable, these gloves are low-maintenance.

One problem that you may have with the gloves is that they aren’t great for harsh weather conditions. It’s possible to wear them in light rain, but you may want to avoid doing so when it’s pouring. Furthermore, it’s best to order one size up, especially if you have larger hands (especially the length).


  • Patented rein-cut design
  • Durable
  • Machine-washable


  • Not suitable for harsh weather

SSG Winter Rancher Gloves

If you’re looking for horse riding gloves that are suitable for the winter, this pair may be the right choice. Coming from SSG, the fleece lining keeps the fingers warm while riding even when it’s below zero out. The outer part is entirely made of deerskin, which assures warmth. However, it’s also soft and flexible, so the gloves will fit comfortably.

Most winter gloves have overly long fingers, which can be a problem for some riders. However, thanks to the gun cut finger design, these SSG rancher gloves are suitable for most horse riders. Plus, the elasticized wrist ensures a snugly fit.

Since the fingers don’t have seams, it’s possible to bridle and even saddle the horse easily. These gloves aren’t bulky, so you may not have to take them off if you have to perform a few chores around the farm.

However, though suitable for cold Montana winters, these gloves aren’t waterproof. Furthermore, you may find that they don’t provide enough grip for the reins.


  • Suitable for harsh weather conditions
  • Snuggly fit
  • Fleece lining


  • Only average grip
  • Not waterproof

Mashfa Kids Horse Riding Gloves 

For the very young riders, it’s particularly essential to teach them about proper riding equipment. And what better way than to get a pair of kids’ horse riding gloves? This affordable model comes in three cute colors most children riders will love.

The gloves that young equestrians wear should keep them safe but also be comfortable. These are lightweight and breathable, so there won’t be an issue with sweating. Since they’re designed with children in mind, they will fit their smaller hands.

Holding the reins tightly is often tricky for children. That’s why the best horse riding gloves for kids should be properly reinforced. This pair boasts a double reinforcement layer on the fingers for added grip and comfort.

These are great for children with very sensitive skin because they are lined with a soft premium quality Amara material. Almost any youngsters can enjoy horse riding with these gloves on.

However, the gloves may not provide enough warmth for riding in the cold.


  • Designed for small hands
  • Comfortable lining
  • Breathable
  • Reinforced


  • May not be warm enough

Heritage Premier Show Glove

If you’re looking for a pair of show gloves, the Heritage Premier is one of the favorite choices. Made from advanced Microtech synthetic leather, these gloves offer a highly reassuring grip. The perforated material is very airy and incredibly useful for those participating in riding competitions.

Even though these gloves might be expensive, you may find that they’re worth it. With the stretchable panel on the knuckles, the Heritage premier show gloves are super comfortable.

The elastic band around the wrists prevents the gloves from falling off without affecting your riding skills.

The downside of these gloves is that they may not run true to size. You may have to go two sizes up when purchasing.


  • Suitable for competitions
  • Gorgeous design
  • Fantastic grip
  • Available in a host of colors


  • Potential sizing issues

ALLNESS INC Synthetic Leather Equestrian Horse Riding Gloves

Women equestrians know how difficult it can be to find a pair of riding gloves that fit. Generally speaking, standard gloves are often too big for them. That said, those looking for a sleek pair of female horse riding gloves may not have to look any further.

The ALLNESS INC synthetic leather gloves are designed for women and suitable for daily use and equestrian shows. Like most riding gloves, these are made of synthetic leather that is sturdy yet comfortable and flexible. Whether you’re carrying horse equipment or participating in a competition, these gloves will enable top performance.

The manufacturer went a step further to ensure that the gloves have sufficient breathability. With the double stitching, this product feels incredibly strong and airy.

Although the gloves feature a Velcro strap around the wrist for a better hold, it isn’t the highest quality around.


  • Designed for women
  • Airy
  • Suitable for competition and day-to-day use
  • Flexible


  • Poor-quality Velcro tape

Protect the Hands

Horse riding gloves are essential to riding. They provide the necessary grip and also protect the hands from chaffing.

One model that has been extremely popular among equestrians is the Heritage Performance gloves. They are the best horse riding gloves for the functionality and design and unmatched durability for the money.

The runner up is the SSG Winter Rancher gloves, especially suitable for cold winters. They aren’t bulky, and you don’t even have to take them off when you get off the horse.