How to Tack Up a Horse
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How to Tack Up a Horse

Learning how to tack up a horse is one of the essential skills every equestrian needs to know. But when you’re just starting to explore the world of horse riding, you can become overwhelmed with all the steps you need to follow. After all, if you don’t tack…

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How to Get on a Horse Without a Saddle

There are so many different types of saddles out there. But what about bareback riding? If you've never tried it before, you probably have lots of questions. Is it comfortable for you and for your horse? Is it safe? One thing is for sure – it's very different…

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How to Clean Horse Tack

Are you thrilled about having another thing to clean? Probably not, and you’re not the only one. People who enjoy chores are rare, but if you’ve invested in high-quality gear for your horse, taking proper care of it is necessary. Why? It'll make it last longer and feel…

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Ranch Saddle vs. Roping Saddle

Are you a horse enthusiast? They are beautiful animals, but horseback riding hasn’t always just been a leisure activity or a means of transport. People also use horses for work, usually in agriculture. Whatever purpose you have for buying a new saddle, you will likely want to get…

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Best Horse Riding Jeans

A reliable saddle and a good quality pair of riding boots can make horse riding even more enjoyable. But what else? A comfortable and durable pair of jeans. Even if the saddle is of good quality, riding will be unpleasant if your jeans are of low quality. That’s…

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Best Paddock Boot

A good pair of horse riding boots ties the whole equestrian outfit together. But long riding boots can be uncomfortable for work around the barn or even during leisurely trots. That’s why many equestrians prefer paddock boots. They’re short, stylish, but still comfortable and reliable. However, since the…

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Best Western Trail Saddle
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Best Western Trail Saddle

When it comes to trail saddles, it’s all about the fit. The more time you spend in the saddle, the more critical that fit becomes. So, what do you do when you run out of options at your local store? You can shop online for a variety of…

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