Welcome to Aubrey’s Stable
welcome to aubrey's stable

Welcome to Aubrey’s Stable

Welcome to Aubrey's Stable. A site dedicated to horses, ponies, and equine apparel and equipment. We have a passion for horses and own a 32 acre farm in Northern Maryland. This site was created in memory of my sister who passed away at a young age. Her spirit…

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What Is Horse Tack?

When you first get into horses, you might be overwhelmed with the terminology. Even then, it’s an essential step that every rider has to go through. That said, horse tack is one that riders often hear. But what exactly does it mean? You’re about to find out. Discover…

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What Is The Fastest Horse Breed In The World?

When I think of horses, two things come to mind, beauty and speed. The horse just has the look and build of power and motion. Watching horse racing on TV is truly jaw dropping if you consider how fast and how long these tremendous athletes can run. Have…

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Where Can I Find a Horse Trailer Rental?

Many horse owners choose not to own their own horse trailer. Horse trailers are expensive and may not get used very often. The thought might have occurred to you, where can I find a horse trailer rental for horses? New horse trailers are like cars or boats and…

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Can Horses Swim?
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Can Horses Swim?

Can horses really swim? Horses naturally know how to swim. In fact there are wild ponies that swim across a channel every year from Assateague Island to Chincoteague, Virginia in order to keep their numbers down on the island. We grew up going to Assateague Island near Ocean City,…

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